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The morning after the the first broadcast, Theroux, 41, sips a cappuccino at a cafe near his home in Harlesden, North-west London.Theroux and Marcel Theroux, his brother, who were both writers.As the presenter moves away from celebrities, he answers Simon Usborne’s questions on privacy, BBC pay - and Jennifer Aniston For his latest documentary, Louis Theroux was supposed to immerse us in the world of hardcore pornography.But then nervous suits at the BBC pulled the film from its 9pm slot.“I was told it was because it was scheduled to follow Springwatch,” the presenter explains. You might get a older viewers who come out of blue tits and into something quite different.”The film, which is now set to be broadcast in June (at 10pm), takes Theroux back to Los Angeles and a once-booming industry in crisis.His career started in journalism and bears influences of notable writers in his family, such as his father Paul Theroux and brother Marcel Theroux.Are autistic children and dementia sufferers suitable subjects for Louis Theroux?It would be one thing to leave Springwatch viewers twitching over their cocoa, but quite another to offend the subjects of his new documentaries, which explore the effects of neurological disorders on families.Extreme Love: Dementia airs this Thursday on BBC Two and follows a film about autism that went out last week.

The presenter’s harshest critics have accused him of using his faux-naif, shambling persona to trick subjects into humiliating or degrading themselves.But it’s there again: that soft, considered way of speaking – carefully chosen words that slow towards the close of each sentence – that reveal his family ties.However, verbal blueprints and a penchant for filmmaking aside, he’s right: the deux Therouxs are unmistakably different.Currently, he works for the BBC where he produces some of his best documentaries.Today, let's take a look at what his best work are! every a hundred kids in America is diagnosed with autism.

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As a result, he was placed in residential care away from his mother who was no longer able to control him after he had attacked her.

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