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The blue comfortable stretch cotton shirts that both men wore during the reception are also from Express.The wedding rehearsal took place in Louganis's Malibu home, where he's lived for 28 years.He happens to be the greatest diver in the world—no one has ever broken his records—but within the first few minutes his shyness and politeness was so endearing.I didn't read his book, and I knew very little about him, so I got to know who he was and fell in love with , they were tailored by his staff "to fit them like a glove." Johnny's bow tie and handkerchief (blue and white) and Greg's (gray and white) are both from Express.“I had competed in the '88 Seoul Olympics while HIV-positive, and some people said I shouldn't have been allowed in the country.I'm kind of glad I didn't know it, but it made me think: Chaillot and Louganis were married in California in the fall of 2013 — and it’s a happy turning point included in the film — and since then, Chaillot has helped Louganis get many of his affairs in order and donated a trove of memorabilia to the in New York City in 2019.I always grew up hearing ' Oh, your soul mate this and that.' And I didn't think it existed.

"People know Greg Louganis, the diver, but very few people know who he actually is: He's a shy, polite, talented, funny, thoughtful man.

was a hit at festivals a year ago, but with its debut on HBO Sports this week, the heartbreaking story of one of America’s greatest athletes will finally reach millions of households who may not be aware of the diver’s ups and downs since he was in the spotlight.

Directed by Cheryl Furjanic and produced by Furjanic and Will Sweeney, the film about the four-time Olympic gold medalist comes at a pivotal time when acute attention is being paid to LGBT athletes, especially after Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans this year and the debut of the docuseries on E! The fact that some have questioned whether Jenner deserved her medals after the revelation, is a sore point for Louganis as well since people had tried to take his medals after coming out as HIV-positive.

He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.6 years each.

In 1988, Greg Louganis couldn’t tell his coach about his HIV diagnosis for fear of not being allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.

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