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Who is dating kaley cuoco

The actress and Cook, 25, were spotted smooching in public for the first time over the weekend, as they stopped for gas in West Lake, California.Though she still hasn't said anything publicly about the relationship, the photo appears to be the confirmation that the pair are dating.Whatever the case, to the surprise of absolutely no one, that relationship didn't work out either, and Rivera and Dorsey got divorced in November of last year. We're not saying people are incapable of changing, but, um ... But hey, so did Tommy Callahan and Richard Hayden, and look how that turned out.That's a Tommy Boy reference, for our younger readers.Several outlets are reporting this week that Spade is dating Naya Rivera.

"It was a wonderful relationship, but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together." The now-27-year-old actress agreed with Galecki at the time that they should be on the QT to help the show.'" The co-stars were able to go on and remain friends, having promised each other that they'd keep it professional if a breakup happened. Cuoco is now engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting."I'm so lucky it was a mutual ending and that we don't hate each other," said Cuoco. Galecki, whose former girlfriend and "Roseanne" co-star Sara Gilbert made headlines in September by saying their relationship helped her realize she was a lesbian, is now dating actress Kelli Garner.Whiskers, Billie Jenkins on the supernatural drama series Charmed, and recently as Penny Hofstadter on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Before this, she was known and credited as Kaley Cuoco; and from then on, she begins to be credited as Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.After the announcement of their divorce, her credit reverted back to her maiden name as of "The Bachelor Party Corrosion." Cuoco was born in Camarillo, California, to Gary Carmine Cuoco, an Oxnard, California, realtor, and Layne Ann Wingate, a homemaker. Kaley was schooled on the set and earned her high school diploma at the age of 16.

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Though they were spotted kissing in public, Cuoco has not addressed the relationship publicly, though she did take to Instagram to address another rumor about herself, one where she was reported to be leaving The Big Bang Theory before season 10, even though she is paid $1 million per episode.