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We chat sex hong kong

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While the We Chat Wallet may seem like old news to those of you who’ve been living in Mainland China for several years now, it’s steadily making a name for itself in Hong Kong and is thus far relatively unknown abroad.

The girls try to do everything they can to trace Li's whereabouts with the help of modern technology, however in the end it's not really the app but human bonding that gives them the ability to plunge further into a dangerous territory, try to save the girl, and earn a big sum of money - obviously another fine driving force.

To call their relationship a friendship would perhaps be an overstatement, but undoubtedly there are some visible signs of a growing emotional attachment.

Tencent have never hidden the fact that their ultimate ambition is to make We Chat a worldwide phenomenon and in many ways, Hong Kong is the ideal international market in which to test a Chinese app’s global appeal.

It therefore came as a surprise to no one when We Chat launched their Wallet feature in HK in January 2016, but things haven’t gone as smoothly as expected for Pony Ma and co.

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We Chat Wallet is an absolute giant in the Chinese mobile payment industry and what sets it apart from international competitors such as Apple Pay is the extensive selection of features it offers.