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Watch dee is dating a retarded person

Special thanks to our users Jacob Witterholt, somewheresomethingso, Richard FB, Mehdi Ouabbou and Mike MJPMUNCH for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at Watch Mojo.comsuggest tv television tv shows it's always sunny in philadelphia charlie kelly dennis reynolds dee reynolds frank reynolds mac paddy's pub the gang buys a boat paddy's pub: home of the original kitten mittens charlie work the d.e.n.n.i.s.system the gang solves the gas crisis a very sunny christmas sweet dee's dating a retarded person sweet dee has a heart attack the gang gives frank an intervention who got dee pregnant top 10 Nathan Sharp This gang is made up of a bunch of despicable human beings, but we can’t help but love them. This Season 7 vacation episode was filled with brilliance. There've been many instances over the course of Always Sunny's run which illustrate what a callous, perverted misogynist Dennis is, but nothing explored the devious lengths he'd go to just to have an extremely short, unsatisfying relationship with a woman like this messed-up Season 5 chapter. My hands sort of guiding along her body making sure that it fits properly. Okay, look, the pretty lady gets naked, of course, and I help her into the prototype, yes? Dennis has a fool-proof way of seducing women, leaving them with a psychological craving for his essence. But it's Frank and Mac who win big here thanks to Frank's ingenious "Rum Ham" and a party boat filled with booze, spray-tans and steroids. The physically and emotionally dangerous game that The Gang played back in Season 7 when it was a rainy day and they'd exhausted all other activities! ) which features Mac and Charlie doing their darndest to fake their deaths after their plan to lie to the parole board about Mac's felon father goes bust. Dennis and Dee drag everyone down to the Jersey Shore in a feeble attempt to recapture childhood memories.

So to celebrate all the selfish insanity that FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has spread throughout the past decade, we've updated our Top 10 Episodes list from a couple years back - including a brand new #1! Meanwhile - thanks to some Ecstasy - Charlie spends the perfect night with The Waitress.

The sets are magical, the singing is top-notch and it is a perfect way to end the 4th season with a surprise from Charlie. Frank’s Pretty Woman The gang goes all out in the Season 7 premiere, quite possibly their best premiere in the show’s history.

A crack addicted hooker plays Frank’s love interest.

I mean shit if you want it to be a bicep it needs more veins. One of them died on my doorstep, and it sorta put me in a funk. (The Gang is taken aback, but the Waitress is incredibly smug.)Corporate Guy: Well, then, clearly you're an idiot, because these people are psychopaths. They left me in a world of darkness without your sexy hands, and I miss you, Night Man, so bad...

I thought well alright lets go with the dick thing, its more masculine anyway. And then, you know, we chit-chat a little bit, no big deal but she asks me back to her place. Your friends and their doo-wop group, they showed up at my house and tried to attack me. Charlie: [singing] They took you, Night Man, and you don't belong to them. [huffs spray paint]Dennis (ticking off the items): Well, let's see: there's the driving, the drooling in the yearbook, the "overcoming the odds," the living with the mom?

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Also starring the absent Pepe Silvia and PI Barney, you can’t go wrong with this one right from its start, Frank taking a monster bong rip to kick it off.