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Vista media library database not updating

Keep the Services window open; we’ll need it again, later on, to re-enable this service after we first eliminate a few files.

Open up Explorer and Browse your way to: %USERPROFILE%\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Media Player.

In Vista/Win7/Win8 = C:\Users\(username)\App Data\Roaming\Winamp\... Note that %Appdata% is a hidden folder by default, so you'll need to make sure you can view hidden files first via: Control Panel - View tab.

Most settings are stored in (in the Winamp root dir) This stores most of the preferences (Ctrl P), plus window size/position for classic skins, and most of the plugin settings, including AVS.

Most configuration data is stored in an file that saves configuration information on a per-user basis (the exception being some configuration related to Views which is stored in the registry).

Note: backing up ^these^ files (and restoring them after a reformat) will only work if all the media files have the exact same filename and are in the exact same place on the hard drive afterwards. EDIT: BTW, I just remembered, if you want to update from winamp 2you can just install WA 5 on top, you don't need to unistall the previous one. Yes, you just install on top unless you want to keep the old version and the new at the same time.Before you go and post a new question in the forum, please go through this list to see what the problem might be as your issue may have been answered already.It could be that your database is corrupted or damaged and you need to try loading the backup database.For assistance with products not developed by Code42, contact the product's manufacturer.Okay, so you've got rekordbox and you've got a problem with it.

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Some 3rd-party plugins save the config in plugins\plugin.ini, whereas others may use their own file. Local library views are the met***files in Winamp\Plugins\ml\views.

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