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Then hold down the ALT F11 keys, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.3. Then save and close this code, return to the workbook, and now, when you try to insert a new worksheet into this workbook, a warning box will pop out to remind you can’t insert sheets.In the left VBAProject pane, double click This Workbook to open the Module, then copy and paste the following code. See screenshot: This code does not work on a shared worksheet; when I click the "Insert Worksheet" tab I get "Run-time error 1004, Delete Method of Worksheet class failed". I'm running a macro that has to open and run code from a module, then open a table after it's done.The problem is that the user can see the code module a few seconds before the table is opened.This will help you to write Optimized VBA Code to fasten your code and build better VBA Macro Applications. Enable Events = False 'Do your Task 'changing combo box combo1.Value = " VBA Tutorials" 'Make sure that you are enabling the events once you are done with your task Application.They should be navigating and accessing the data through forms. If you do not turn if back on your users will have all kinds of problems with your db. Echo True in that sub or functions error handler to ensure that Echo is turned back on just incase there is a runtime error within that sub or function. On one of my apps everytime a person tabs from tab index 0 to 1 the screen flickers, but it only happens once per lifecycle of any particular form, its like it is getting a redraw request or something. It only happens on this particular app, and its just a simple fill in the blanks and update the DB app.

In this article, I will talk about how to prevent others from inserting worksheets in a workbook.

It has a background image that is set to stretch with the form if it resizes but no one ever resizes the app anyhow. If there are a lot of controls on the tab, I guess it might take a little while to render them the first time they're shown.

You could try playing with various properties such as (I'm talking VB6 here...) Auto Redraw, Clip Controls and so on.

Well the amount of controls varies from one form to another, but the most basic is the login, it just has the back ground image and 2 text boxes with the appropriate labels and a submit button, the tab order is 0,1,2 (username,password,submit respectively).

The most control heavy form is the add a new record form with about a dozen text fields and combo boxes, i'll try removing the bg image.

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But the thing of it is the bg image is only 1mb in total file size and every machine here has at least 2GB RAM and the whoel app running at it's highest only takes up about 50MB of Memory. And like I said it only happens once per life cycle of any form and just from tab order 0 to tab order 1 after that you can cycle through all the tab orders 0-infinity all you want and can't make it flicker.

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