Validating domain

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Validating domain

Domain validation ensures that your website is safe and secure, which will ease the mind of your users and increase trust.

If you are starting a new website, you should validate your domain as soon as possible.

Without this check you will be unable to apply for an SSL certificate or other form of security validation.

Once your primary domain has been validated, you can validate any other domains you own.For example, did you know "♡.com" is a valid domain name? To validate the domain name, you need to let pass the validation.You can validate all trusts that are made between domains, but you cannot validate realm trusts.Mine is more simple, I need to validate a domain name: So a domain in its rawest form - not even a subdomain like 4 revised: TLD should actually be labelled "subdomain" as it should include things like uk -- I would imagine the only validation possible (apart from checking against a list) would be 'after the first dot there should be one or more characters under rules #1 Thanks very much, believe me I did try! When it comes to uk, and some Japanese domains, I'm sure you will have to think twice before using regex for that.My personal thought is that regex is not enough to validate a domain to a real-life domain.

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In order to set up your Mimecast account, you must validate that you own each of the domains you wish to connect, starting with your primary domain.

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