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Before proceeding to update the database schema, make a full backup of the wiki, including both the database and the files: You can put the new files into place using FTP or the command line. Using the command line will be much faster than having to upload each single one of the thousands of files via FTP.

Note: You should put the decompressed tarball in a new and empty folder on your server.

Using a wiki to implement a quality-management system | The problem | What's a wiki?

| Implementation | Example: Geometrica Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)procedure | Achieving ISO certification | Document control and process improvement | Conclusion | More on the use of wikis for quality management | About the authors: Geometrica began using a wiki to implement its quality-management system (QMS) in May 2008.

Yesterday’s “way we do things” may be ineffective today, or perhaps even damaging.Although the use of wikis for QMS is still not as commonplace as we thought it would be, many other organizations have indeed benefited from this technology.And since then, Geometrica's wiki has grown to encompass an integrated management system, including project management, customer service, health and safety with certification to BS OHSAS 18000, and many other of our company's activities.By February 2009, its QMS was certified in compliance with ISO 9001, and we wrote a first version of this case study.In it, we stated that "the approach of using a wiki to document a Quality Management System (QMS) may seem overwhelmingly obvious in a year or so, yet we are far from that today." That was three years ago.

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