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Updating project schedule ms project

As work on your project progresses, you can update the plan with the actual start and finish dates, actual work, actual and remaining duration, and the current percent complete and percent work complete.

If you know the amount of work that has been performed on a task, you can enter the actual work for the task.

If you have assigned resources to tasks and you are tracking work, you can indicate the percentage of work that has been completed on a task.Based on your preference and method of progress, you can use the Gantt chart, Tracking Gantt and Task Usage views.The following tracking fields are calculated by MS Project when information is entered in one of the others in following list: Actual work; Actual cost; Actual Start Date; Actual Finish Date: Percent of Work Complete; Percent Complete; Remaining Work Prior to enter the actual info, you need to do the following: 1) Status Date: Before you updating the project plan, set the status date field.The only workaround I've found is to assign it a small % complete, such as 1%. Now, let's set the Status Date to Thursday - we're updating the project plan.Then it moves the remaining part of the task forward to the status date. How can I get MS Project 2003 to show schedule slippage on unstarted tasks? In Scenario 1, Task 1 is 100% complete, but task 2 for some reason is only 50% complete.

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By specifying a percentage of work complete between 0 (when no work has been performed on the task) and 100 (when all the work has been completed on the task), you can compare planned work to actual completed work.