Updating my unlocked iphone

Posted by / 21-Nov-2016 01:24

Updating my unlocked iphone

After downloading all the necessary files, we proceeded to follow the instructions.

But the same message at the top is shown, and the “Restore” window does not appear as indicated in the instructions.

Unlocking the i Phone to use on other Networks has never been easier!

Our Apple i Phone unlock is the best and most straight forward solution available on the internet.

If it is not listed in the networks below, DO NOT order it as another network!

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So we called our phone unlocking expert, Roland, for assistance.

Given you can't know which it was I have to go with these answers.

At the moment I am in the bush although I do have a local cellular connection and satellite email.

After wasting money and time on a US based website offering unlocking services I turned to you people in desperation and thanks to your great service I now have an unlocked iphone set up and working in the African jungle!

And why would me being on vodafone not update the phone?

Sorry but these are discussion forums and we must be nice. And the updates so far come from your current carrier.

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That was the most unhepful peice advice i have ever laid my eyes upon.

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