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Updating date field

I need to create a query which will take the date in the "First_Session_Used" and increase that date by one year, but also change it so that it is the first date in that month.So, if the date in "First_Session_Used" is 6/7/06, the date would need to be 6/1/07 in "Scheduled_Review_Date".

Do we have any specific format which I should translate before loading the date? I think you are using Informatica cloud to push the data from oracle to SFDC.

So, I need an update query which will help me accomplish this. Question #2: Once I get my dates updated in the table using the query above, I need to modify the form so that the "Scheduled_Review_Date" is done in the same way as Question #1.

So, suggestions on how to modify the form so that it inputs the information that way. Thanks, Arholly Hiya, For the Update Query (assuming a table name of Table1, and using Date Start as the first date field and Date End as the updated date field): UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.

Different columns can have different combinations of automatic properties.

I have an approval workflow linked to a sharepoint list, that updates status of a list item based on the response of the approver. The issue is that when the list item is updated using the Update List Item action, the two date and time fields get incorrect values.

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Upload/Update operation in Salesforce is nothing but Upsert operation.

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