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"Guardian, you don't think it possible that he is justly accused? This man whom we have seen so open-hearted and compassionate, who with the might of a giant has the gentleness of a child, who looks as brave a fellow as ever lived and is so simple and quiet with it, this man justly accused of such a crime? And he added, turning to me, "It would be doing him a very bad service, my dear, to shut our eyes to the truth in any of these respects." I felt, of course, that we must admit, not only to ourselves but to others, the full force of the circumstances against him. "We will stand by him, as he himself stood by the two poor creatures who are gone." He meant Mr. That he had charged his messenger to represent his perfect innocence with every solemn assurance be could send us. Woodcourt had only quieted the man by undertaking to come to our house very early in the morning with these representations. Perhaps you'll set your mind upon THAT next." Here she again looked at me, and I now perceived from her glances at the door and at me, by turns, that she wished us to retire and to await her following us outside the prison. George," said I, "and we shall come to see you again, trusting to find you more reasonable." "More grateful, Miss Summerson, you can't find me," he returned. "And let me entreat you to consider that the clearing up of this mystery and the discovery of the real perpetrator of this deed may be of the last importance to others besides yourself." He heard me respectfully but without much heeding these words, which I spoke a little turned from him, already on my way to the door; he was observing (this they afterwards told me) my height and figure, which seemed to catch his attention all at once. However, it has nothing to do with the present subject, excepting that Miss Summerson looked so like it at the moment that it came into my head." I cannot separate and define the feelings that arose in me after this; it is enough that the vague duty and obligation I had felt upon me from the first of following the investigation was, without my distinctly daring to ask myself any question, increased, and that I was indignantly sure of there being no possibility of a reason for my being afraid. " "Not with care and prudence and good help," said my guardian. " "Why, then, miss," the old girl proceeded, untying the strings of her bonnet for more air, "you could as soon move Dover Castle as move George on this point unless you had got a new power to move him with. She actually trudged away in her grey cloak at a sturdy pace, and turned the corner, and was gone. Yet I knew withal (I could not help saying) that their weight would not induce us to desert him in his need. He added that he was now upon his way to see the prisoner himself. Now, besides that I liked the retired soldier very much and that he liked me, I had that secret interest in what had happened which was only known to my guardian. It seemed to become personally important to myself that the truth should be discovered and that no innocent people should be suspected, for suspicion, once run wild, might run wilder. You don't mean to set up for a new character with ME after all these years, I hope? Communicating this by similar means to my guardian and Mr. We three went out of the prison and walked up and down at some short distance from the gate, which was in a retired place. "A gentleman like you ought to know best, sir," returned Mrs. Just come into the corner of the wall and I'll tell you! Bagnet hurried us into a more secluded place and was at first too breathless to proceed, occasioning Mr. I was quite unable to follow the conversation until I had had a little time to recover. He admits that he was alone on the scene of the murder within a few minutes of its commission. Woodcourt then told us that the trooper's man had been with him before day, after wandering about the streets all night like a distracted creature. "Why, sir," he answered, "when my ill fortune took me to the dead man's staircase on the night of his murder, I saw a shape so like Miss Summerson's go by me in the dark that I had half a mind to speak to it." For an instant I felt such a shudder as I never felt before or since and hope I shall never feel again. Bagnet's eyes, and her face was flushed and hurried. " "Now, I tell you, miss," she proceeded, clapping her hands in her hurry and agitation a dozen times in every sentence, "that what he says concerning no relations is all bosh. He has said more to me at odd times than to anybody else, and it warn't for nothing that he once spoke to my Woolwich about whitening and wrinkling mothers' heads. Now I'm away into Lincolnshire after George's mother!

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This unforeseen and violent removal of one whom she had long watched and distrusted and who had long watched and distrusted her, one for whom she could have had few intervals of kindness, always dreading in him a dangerous and secret enemy, appeared so awful that my first thoughts were of her. Bagnet, looking at us over his shoulder as he went his way also.

How appalling to hear of such a death and be able to feel no pity!

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