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Additionally, of those who realized during adulthood, it took an average of 2.9 years to come out. Those assigned male at birth waited the longest before telling someone, with an average of 1.6 years longer compared to biologically born females.Transgender women took an extra 2.1 years before telling someone than a gay or bisexual man, and transgender men waited the shortest amount of time without telling someone.

They may also withhold details that could drastically limit their chances.

Glamorous Jenner, with her expensive stylists and a reality show documenting her transition.

Bodacious Laverne Cox, the main reason Sara watched “Orange Is the New Black,” an actress who posed on red carpets in designer gowns.

She believes the man took a deeper look at her profile after being matched, learned that the college student was a trans woman, and reported her.

"I matched with a dude right before I got on a subway, and as I climbed out of the subway to go to work, I discovered that the app was missing [from my phone] and I had been reported," Solomon told .

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Born this way: Gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles overwhelmingly believe that sexual orientation is biologically based, with two thirds (64%) believing it is completely determined by biology and 28% believing it is a combination of biology and experience.