Team fortress 2 keeps updating

Posted by / 02-Oct-2016 00:03

Team fortress 2 keeps updating

The problem with re-install is I'm not sure how I'm going to get back in, I forgot my password and it wont recover my password at all, only giving me an "unrecognized e-mail" error which sends me right back to the useless support system.

When asking for help (on any board, not just this one) it might be useful to describe your computer's stats.

All files were vvalidates succesfully, it is set to auto-update, and I have tried to delete the "tf" folder in "steam/steamapps/username/TF2", It did nothing but simply remake the file, again without updating.

I really need help here because valve isn't doing anything and I cant go onto the steam forums due to account issues, which also have yet to be given any help.thank you in advance, Also, I'd like to avoid using my OS to force uninstall steam if thats possible It wont download at all, and im continually told I have an old version.

That way we could tell you the reason why is because you're trying to run Tf2 on the OLPC laptop or whatever...

I mean, It might not be that obvious, or it might not be that obvious TO YOU, but it will at least let us rule out simple answers.

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