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They asked if they could bring three of their well hung friends. The interracial "servicings" continue, and get delightfully kinkier. Local 19-year-old small-town young man with a habit of window peaking and nasty fantasies watches 3 male tramps and one town female floozie commit all manner of bizarre yet stimulating acts with each other He gets caught and his education begins...Wife learns new skills in an "oral" training session.

Well, you thought wrong, buddy boy, because you have hit the Freakshow mother lode right up in here!Olive had been out of work for several months and her savings were perilously near the vanishing point...""""Naturally she was elated when she received a favorable reply to the job application shed sent a few weeks ago. Most girls are from middle-class backgrounds, with a lot of "moralistic" shit ingrained into them. She is pretty, slim (perhaps extra slim, except at places that matter), 5"3" tall without heels, and has bazookas that defy gravity...Continuing from part one: Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had invited the three Swazi boys around to the cottage for drinks tonight?Whatever your desire, we are here for your pleasure.We offer a full spectrum of phone sex fantasies from mild to wild, sensual to sadistic, just a little kinky to totally taboo, all designed with your pleasure in mind!

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