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Look out for online dating scams‚ the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) warned on Tuesday.While online dating sites can be a great way for singles to find their significant other‚ it is also a way for cybercriminals to “seek out their victims”.People manage to spot a lie 54% of the time, said the researchers, whereas the computer lie detector detects it 70% of the time."Humans are startlingly bad at consciously detecting deception," said Tom van Laer, one of the researchers.To create the algorithm, researchers compared text in tens of thousands of e-mails that contained lies and truthful statements.story_article_left1The comparison revealed that people who are lying are less likely to use personal pronouns - such as "I", "me", "mine" - and tend to use more adjectives, such as "brilliant" and "sublime".Reasons for this language use could be that liars try to dissociate themselves from the content of a message, while clouding its meaning in unnecessary description.

To access the article, you only need to register – it’s quick and free. The discreet dating site that encourages people to have affairs, and the same one that got hacked in 2015 exposing the names and email addresses of millions of members, is "back", and with more users than ever.At the time of the hack 37 million people were vulnerable, according to that the site is registering at 400,000 new users per month around the world.But January seems to be the sweet spot, since those who decide to log on this month will be 15 percent more likely to match compared to all the other months of the year, the online dating giant reports.But it’s not just that will be bursting at the seams with potential soulmates today: Plenty Of Fish is also anticipating record traffic today, although their lovebirds are also early birds—their clicks will likely peak at 5 p.m. Everything you need to know before you choose: Online Dating Websites Decoded.)Now you know when to click, but do you know who to click on?

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When that was ignored, a few client names began to appear online, before a 9.7 gigabyte file called "Time's Up! The ratio of men checking messages to women checking messages was 13,585:1.

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