Speed dating comments

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Speed dating comments

You could have said panda porn and speed dating at key to the species survival.And prompted a noticable bump in Google searches for panda themed porn.New to the world pitches came from The Funky Iron Co, looking to bring style and design to functional steam irons (think Kenwood k Mix for ironing), Enclothed, a service for men to outsource their clothes shopping (personal style in a box) and Mac Rebur, who call themselves “the plastic road company”, using waste plastic bottles to create stronger and longer lasting roads, to make potholes a thing of the past.

It is understandable that a concept like this might not work in a country like India, but then again, we have people matching up their children for marriage on matrimonial websites.

Seedrs’ offer is to make it simple to buy into businesses you believe in, and to share in their success.

With offices in 5 countries, they invite online investors to back new startups, claiming to be “equity crowdfunding done properly”.

There are a lot of tourists in Rio e Janeiro – as well as Brazilians, of course.

Therefore, we thought it would be nice to bring them all together and mix them during the Speed Dating.

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Over a hundred people showed up – the participants were a mix of students of Caminhos, local Brazilians, people staying at the Pura Vida Hostel and other friends.