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Sonic dating sim flash walkthrough

As an artist, Tempy is an artist, primarily doing Adult Erotica, who is mostly known for his Fan work and Flash projects, notably his 'Macro Sonic Dating Sim'.While small amounts of work has been done before 2005, most of his work started around 2005 with his Macro Sonic work.If you gave the girl enough emeralds, it wasn't too hard to enter the Macro side of the game, where you had an interactive sex scene, like the hotel, but with the Macro version of the girl or guy.The game had a number of endings like the girl not growing, the girl growing but ending up killing you etc, which all depended on choices and how well you did in the game.

It's like watching Bestiality Porn, you feel SO GOOD while watching it but after you empty your sausage snozzle you feel like you just committed he ultimate sin.

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Since then, he has tended to do less Macro than before, but his art style has improved over time.

As well as his MSDS, other noted Flash Macro Projects have been the two interactive movies in his 'The Macro trap' series ('Tikal in The Macro Trap - Part 1' & 'Sonia in The Macro Trap - Part 2'), as well as a number of non-Macro Projects for sites like Ero-Mania such as Flash game 'Paradise Hotel', and his Code 69 Comic Series Starting in 2007, Tempy's "Macro Sonic Dating Sim" was done with support of the Macro Sonic Forums and Early beta 'in progress' versions were often uploaded for Bug testing by the community.

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If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. Update - Updated some of the visuals to make them more appealingthan my old 9 year old drawing skills (still no better) and a some Easter eggs hidden throughout the project (there is 3 in total they may be really subtle so look carefully) Update - I completely rewrote the instructions to try and make it more user friendly and easier to read.

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