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Everyone who walks in the city realises there are more beggars in the street and more people who sleep in the street.“It’s not just about moving it on and stopping it, it’s about working with the council and charities and the police to support the people who are begging on the street so they don’t have to do it.“It’s not a case of businesses just wanting to shift the problem out of the city, we want to support these people and give them options that don’t include living on the street and begging.”He said some homeless people slept on the street by choice, despite hostel places being available, and begging was sometimes also a choice.“But it’s a management issue as opposed to a solving issue because unless there’s bylaws to stop it happening you can’t stop it.“We’re getting involved because there’s been a definite increase in the last couple of years in the number of people you will see on the street begging and our members are saying it’s a big issue.“It makes people feel uncomfortable if you’ve got beggars on the streets.If they’re sitting outside shops then it deters people from going into those shops, people don’t walk as close to the shops; if you have homeless people it creates issues of hygiene and health in the morning.“We already spend a lot of time cleaning up after the homeless have been living on the streets.”Ewan Aitken, chief executive of Edinburgh Cyrenians, praised Essential Edinburgh for trying to find “a positive solution to a negative issue”.Essential Edinburgh, the organisation which runs the Capital’s central Business Improvement District (BID), says the number of people begging and sleeping rough on the streets is on the increase.In its plan for the next five years, it proposes paying for two police officers who would act as “community bobbies” for the city centre and whose role would include getting to know the beggars and rough-sleepers.On one level, the case of R v Nyznik, Kara and Cabero is as simple as any other allegation of sexual assault.The three, Toronto Police constables all, are pleading not guilty to a joint charge of sexually assaulting a female parking enforcement colleague on Jan. As prosecutor Mabel Lai told Ontario Superior Court Judge Anne Molloy Monday in a brief opening statement, it’s what lawyers call “common ground” that Constables Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara and Joshua Cabero and the woman were alone in a hotel room in the early hours that day. Prosecutors allege “the three variously engaged in intercourse and oral sex with the complainant without her consent.” The four were attending a “rookie buy night” party that began the evening before, turned into a bar hop, and ended at the Westin Harbour Castle hotel downtown, where Nyznik had rented a room.

The lawyers were particularly anxious that video “in possession of third parties”, such as the bars and hotel, be preserved until they could get a first look at the prosecutorial disclosure and know what to request.A British Transport Police officer took on all three London Bridge attackers armed only with a baton, it has been revealed.The officer was one of the first responders to the scene and received stab wounds to his face, head and leg, while attempting to stop the van and stabbing rampage in a busy area of the city.“All of us at BTP wish him a swift recovery, and I know he will be touched by the hundreds of messages of support from across the UK and the world.“Our thoughts are with all of those who died or were injured, and their loved ones as they try to come to terms with what happened.” There were three other police officers hurt, including one who was off duty and remains in a critical condition.

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Given the state of the modern world, there should have been reams of video surveillance of the four at the bars they attended and all over the hotel.