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He also reveals (obviously) that he didn't really die in that story.The problem is that when the Brethren broke out of his ship, they freed much of the Collector's collection, and the Collector needs the Surfer to re-collect a child, of a species called the Mondani, that is infected with a rare madness-inducing virus.But we still have Ron Lim on art, and Ron Marz is a pretty good substitute for Starlin, and at least the book will now be focusing on the Surfer instead of Starlin's pet characters (who will instead be featured in Starlin's Infinity Watch).Last issue we saw the Collector summoning the Silver Surfer (but see the Considerations), This issue begins with the Surfer at the Collector's ship, but not getting a friendly welcome.” “I contacted Gill on the site, we messaged for a few days before meeting for a drink in Cardiff. We now spend at least 4 nights a week together and recently went away for a weekend, as we both love the coast and walking.” “I liked what Steve had said in his profile so I sent him a message.To my surprise he replied and we spoke for about two weeks before meeting up for lunch. It feels like we have known each other for years, not just a few months!

Fans of Jim Starlin will be disappointed to see confirmed here that he is not returning to the Silver Surfer now that Infinity Gauntlet has concluded.“Swipe, meet and repeat” may be the mantra of the lonely millennial, but “Tindering” may no longer be exclusive to the young.Meet Stitch, a website that wants to bring online dating — minus the superficiality — to your parents’ and grandparents’ generations.First launched in San Francisco mid-2014, Stitch hopes to connect seniors above 50 seeking any form of companionship — from finding movie buddies to developing romantic relationships.The app has since gained attention in the US, and even attracted some users here in Singapore.

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