Seriation dating

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Seriation dating

Petrie taught himself trigonometry and geometry at a young age, with particular interest in varied standards of measurements.

That same year, he began his more than forty years of exploration and examination of Egypt and the Middle East.The discoveries Petrie records in his autobiography, Seventy Years in Archaeology (1931), his youthful horror at the way in which a Roman villa was uncovered on the Isle of Wight by early excavators: ‘I protested that the earth ought to be pared away inch by inch to see all that was in it, and how it lay.’ A methodical and meticulous approach to excavation, recording, and analysis – ‘to see all that was in it’ – was to be a hallmark of Petrie’s pioneering work over 40 years in Egypt.What he accomplished with the Naqada material is a supreme example.Adding the margin of error for carbon-14 (in this case, /- 150 years), the archaeologist can give a reliable date range for the bone: 1655-1405 B. A bone found deep in the ground will generally be older than one found close to the surface, for example.Two bones found in the same archaeological deposit are likely to be the same age.

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This sort of information helps archaeologists to put objects into an age sequence.

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