Sequential dating in excel

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Sequential dating in excel

This function sorts the data in your spreadsheet almost instantly.

You can sort by date as long as the cells you want to sort are in date format.

Excel allows you to sort a single column chronologically without altering the other columns.

If you want to keep rows intact, you can sort the entire spreadsheet along with the specified column.

In many cases, you may need to select multiple cells before using the fill handle to help Excel determine the series order.

In our example below, the fill handle is used to extend a series of dates in a column.

I have tried parsing or changing the format of the column but Alteryx does not support this kind of a date and generates a null value when operated upon.

The surprising part is, Microsoft did this intentionally!Click the "Expand the selection" radio button if you want to sort the entire spreadsheet or the "Continue with the current selection" if you want to sort only the selected cells.If you choose the "Continue with the current selection" option, only the selected cells will be sorted; the rest of the spreadsheet will remain intact.To see the true value of a date and/or time simply format the cell as "General".For example the date and time 3/July/2002 PM has a true value of 37440.625 with the number after the decimal representing the time and the 37440 being the serial value for 3/July/2002 For more detail see: "How Microsoft Excel stores dates and times" in the help. Excel incorrectly assumes that the year 1900 was a leap year.

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The fill handle can also be used to continue a series.