Self updating applications with the net compact framework

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Self updating applications with the net compact framework

The documentation that used to be available on the mono/docs directory is now being moved into this web site and is available in the Runtime Documentation section. For a more detailed list, see the Supported Platforms page. Which means that you can run binaries produced by . When porting your applications, you should make sure that you test its functionality as differences in the underlying operating system and differences in the VM implementations (bugs, missing features) might affect your application. NET API implemented and when executing a binary from Windows that consumes an unimplemented API you might get an obscure message about tokens not being found.

In these cases it is useful to compile your application with Mono’s C# compiler just to ensure that you are consuming APIs that are supported.

The first step is to download the preview compiler from the Registered User Updates page, and to install it onto your development system. This article has hopefully provided some guidance to allow developers to start exploring what will be for many a new and exciting world.

If you care about application portability, check Mo MA, the migration analyzer.

Jonathan Pryor adds: The benefit is that you can more easily know which APIs exist vs. In general, if an API doesn’t exist within Mono, we try NOT to provide the method within the assembly (with a default version throwing Not Implemeted Exception()), so that you can use gmcs compile to determine if all the APIs you use actually exist.

This isn’t always possible, so there are several instances where a Not Implemented Exception is thrown, but when a NIE can be avoided by omitting the member, the member is omitted. NET and run under Mono, which leaves you (more) at the mercy of Not Implemented Exception’s or Missing Memember Exception.

Borland have recently released a preview version of their latest Delphi for .

NET compiler, which allows Delphi developers to target the . This article is designed to assist developers in exploring the world of Compact Framework development with the preview compiler. NET preview compiler, Borland has given Delphi developers the ability to target the Compact Framework for the first time.

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This is where it pulls copies of assemblies such as (BCLs) in existence, several of which are subsets of other, full desktop frameworks. NET application to be targeting a different BCL than a library that it is trying to consume. It also lets Xamarin do additional link time optimization during packing to further reduce your application's deliverable size. If these assemblies are targeting the full Desktop framework, then you will not be able to use the Xamarin. To change to the Target Framework type for a Xamarin.

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