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The trouble with these methods is the delay, posting a message and waiting for a response each time is just too slow.

It works for the semi real time and asynchronous games, but real time games require messages sent and received sometimes in the region of 33~66 times per second, something that is not quite possible with HTTP alone.

Live Graph defines a few small but important extensions, such as data column header definitions and file description annotations.

This open format definition allows creating Live Graph compatible value files in any programming language extremely easily.

These types of multiplayer games exist in browsers, and have for a long time.

The nature of the browser itself makes it easy to make semi real time games, but we want more-visceral real time action.

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It has to be in real time, so it gets synchronised instantly when a change happens. I tried Microsoft's Sync Toy, but it does only syncing by hand or scheduled (thus not satisfying the "real-time" requirement). Instead of syncing folders, you may just need to create a symbolic link using the built-in MKLINK command.

The first and most important component is the Live Graph real-time plotter application.

The plotter reads the Live Graph data file (or any other CSV file) and plots the data series contained therein on the screen.

It had an interesting quote: …the real turning point for us was when, in 2009, they called us and said, “You have to stop using CG.

I’ve got 200 product images and they’re just terrible.

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