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Psychological reasons for online dating

The men in the Vanity Fair article appear to brag about how many women they have slept with.They seem to believe that Tinder has made it easier for them to hook up.The UK's National Crime Agency recently reported that sexual assault associated with online dating had increased by six-hundred percent.

What is not good, says Aiken, or at least very different from normal behavioral, is how quickly we disclose personal details online.And while many individuals have had pleasant, or at least neutral experiences with online dating, those promoting the activity are often simultaneously selling it.Mary Aiken sees herself as a bulwark against the commercialism of romantic encounters.James, 29, has only just started internet dating and is having a few teething troubles: “I’m finding it really frustrating at the moment, I’ve been sending out a few messages to women whose profiles I like and I haven’t been getting much response.Sometimes they will email you a few times then go quiet.

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Are internet daters simply floundering in a new medium with unclear rules or is there a more fundamental problem?

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