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Sites that enable a user to play or download a game.Sites sponsored by branches, bureaus or agencies of any level of government, except for the armed forces.

Sites sponsored by or providing information about computers, software, the Internet and related business firms, including sites supporting the sale of hardware, software, peripherals and services.Bandwidth (includes Educational Video, Entertainment Video, Internet Radio and TV, Internet Telephony, Peer-to-Peer File Sharing, Personal Network Storage and Backup, Streaming Media, Surveillance, Viral Video)Security (includes Bot Networks, Compromised Websites, Keyloggers, Malicious Embedded i Frame, Malicious Embedded Link, Malicious Web Sites, Phishing and Other Frauds, Potentially Unwanted Software, Spyware, Suspicious Embedded Link) [With Web Security Gateway and Gateway Anywhere, Advanced Malware Command and Control, Advanced Malware Payloads, Custom-Encrypted Uploads, Files Containing Passwords, and Potentially Exploited Documents are also included.Sites that promote educational fraud, including but not limited to plagiarism and cheating.Sites that condone intolerance towards any individual or group.Sites that offer information about or support the seeking of employment or employees.

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Sites for banks, brokerages, trusts and other financial organizations.

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