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Mold design validating

Over the past few years Plazology have completed a number of DFSS courses to help us become more efficient at mould tool development and validation… If you want to have successful moulding trials, it’s important that the correct trial plan is in place to successfully validate and capture all moulding issues through T0, T1, T2 etc….applying some neat tools into the mould design and validation helps us to really understand what’s really important to our customers need.. When we are reviewing our mould designs here at Plazology, cooling efficiency is a big discussion point between our customers and ourselves, so many areas to understand and it’s not always achievable to design a mould with optimum cooling due to part geometry and the mechanics/complexity of the mould.Injection molding is used extensively throughout the medical device industry.In the continued search for compliant, cost effective production methods, more and more companies are switching to fabrication techniques that offer economies of scale, such as injection molding, for both high and low volume production.It is the science of process development, recording, standardization and repeatability.These variables are strictly dependent upon machine and mold validation and design.

For instance, the chances of controlling a process are poor if the cavitation has not gone through the process of balancing the runner to ensure equal flow into each cavity.

All designs—parts, the mold tool, electrodes, drawings, and even the NC data—stay current and accurate.

Complex mold designs change constantly during part development.

To guarantee a production ready mold, sampling and validation are required.

Scientific mold sampling verifies the function of the tool, provides the customer with a base line molding process, and provides parts for first article inspection.

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Constant import, export, and repair of data, as designers move models between part and mold design, can consume valuable design time and introduce errors and inaccuracies due to data translation.