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The attractions at the Abbey Medieval Festival beguile young and old, and won’t cost a king’s ransom.Medieval times inspire the fantasy and fiction of ‘what could have been’ for many of us!Parts of the Manor are believed to date back to the 12th-century Benedictine priory.Although the garden was completely redesigned in the 20th century with raised walks, flower gardens and an orchard by Colonel and Mrs Jenner, a few elements of the original garden, such as some of the walls and hedges, have survived.The Abbey Medieval Festival will transport you to a place where history and fantasy merge into a breath taking world.

If we are to believe the hyperbolic plot of (and, as you’ll see, it’s pretty out there) then Ulrich entered into the service of a married noblewoman at the age of twelve and served her over a period spanning a few years.Come for the exquisite detail of our authentic re-enactment camps and cheer the jousting and falconry.Partake of the sizzling meats and fine mead, and leave with the taste of history on your lips and your appetite for an authentic historical and personal experience satisfied.He was, as chivalrous sorts are, ridiculously devoted to his lady.And, typically for courtly narratives, she is portrayed as having been cold, aloof, and disinterested (to be honest, you probably would be too if your knight entered your room at night to drink your bathwater).

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Heck, I’d be onto the authorities before you could say “Nun ist die Kacke am Dampfen”[2]).

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