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Other city proposals include the requirement of energy-efficient lighting, and of energy-efficient upgrades when any renovation takes places, as compared with the current standard of a renovation of 50 percent or more.

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31, 2011, when they will have to set aside either 10 per cent of the roof or 2,000 square metres, whichever is less, for sod and other eco-materials.

Deputy mayor Joe Pantalone (Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina), who led the charge for tougher rules, called the new requirements for green roofs "an opportunity rather than a handicap." He noted that roofs make up 21 per cent of Toronto's surface area, raising the temperature of the urban environment and pushing up demand for electricity in summer months.

Still, there are signs some local governments and wastewater utility authorities get it: “the enforcement community is slowly showing signs of acceptance.” He also pointed to his own projects when he was at a wastewater authority, which involved rebuilding a stream and creating “constructed wetlands” to deal with excess runoff, which ended up saving his district huge amounts of money.

Regulations Can Be Opportunities If You Are Creative Ted Scott, Executive Vice President and Founder, Stormwater Maintenance, said there’s been a paradigm shift towards green infrastructure.

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Quinn, Environmental Protection Committee Chair James Gennaro and council members Daniel R.

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