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Love hina dating flash sim game cheats

Instead, write a few scenes, or get some of your gameplay to work.Then set a realistic deadline for yourself, and don't change it.There are some hints and cheats that can make the game a little easier to play.

I like um...: Lidu-kun, intelligence and magic Motoko's diary: Today I got really stoned and punched the f*ck out of this homeless man. I like um...: swords, dope, power and magic Mutsumi's diary: Today I ate 34 watermelons. On my way home, I fell over and cracked my head on the concrete.

I like um...: watermelons, intelligence and power Mitsune's diary: I'madf drrfrunk!

Hey whrets mee lighter I neeerb a smoke arrgh i just spilleb the vodka I just pissed om mysef I um like...: sake, Jak Danieelz, money, and power LOVE HINA CHEATSSECRETS: -Your own room, painting above cupboard-Your own room, TV-Kitchen, microwave oven-Kitchen, trash bin-Shinobu's Room, paper under plant-Shinobu's Room, paper under plant (click twice!

I know all the answers to whenever you talk to the girls and stuff.

But i don't use them so i pretty much get everything.

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