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Featuring the spooky characters from Five Nights at Freddys this dating simulator is the perfect fan game. Doll Mania has a ton of girls games for you to play! This "otome" game allows you to romance multiple men while playing an interactive, romantic story.If you want to feel like you’re being courted and pursued by attractive "bishounen" men, then play along with this young editor’s story.Five Nights Of Love Dating Sim is a RPG game on Ga He. You can play Five Nights Of Love Dating Sim in your browser for free.Explore the world and each camera until you find your true love!

On January 4, 2012, the full game will finally be released on this page.This freedom of choice is done by tapping on the options when they appear in-game. Here is a adorable one that is a mix of science-fiction, horror, romance, and, well, it is part of many different genres. Meet Lily, and on a day when the two of you are having some horribly bad luck; you have both lost your memories!Work together to figure out what happened, and explore all possible options.For example, if your chosen guy or girl likes someone who’s good at sports, you’d better get those physical parameters up as high as they can go.Similarly, if the object of your affections places a lot of value on appearance, you’ll need to work on your fashion sense.

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You’ll have the freedom to make decisions and choose dialogue from within the interactive story.

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