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It’s more difficult to abuse than methadone, and, critically, you don’t need to go to clinic each day—ideally, a doctor can prescribe the medication, which comes in pill or film form, like any other drug.But buprenorphine, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002, is still not available to most drug users looking for help.2017-01-01: the spammers continue to adapt to various spam fighting techniques, which has recently resulted in at least one free service (referrerspamblocker.com) to give up due to the effort required to maintain a working solution.

She quoted the Wiretapper’s Ball organizer Jerry Lucas as saying “We don’t really get into asking, ‘Is in the public’s interest? That’s the closest the book got to what I consider the critical question: to what extent is the public’s interest being pursued, if at all, by all of these data trackers and data miners?

There are a lot of partial solutions and misinformation out there about clearing out so-called referral spam (and organic search and event spam too), so here’s the Definitive Guide to removing all of that junk!

This article has been constantly updated since January 2015 and has shown over 330,000 people how to get rid of spam in Google Analytics reporting.

Read the rest of the article below to learn more about how spam has changed over time and how to implement these filters properly.

See the bottom of the article for a running list of spam referrals these filters block (updated almost daily).

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We all believe it is time for Google to make our services unnecessary.