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Itemupdating update

My company Sharepointalist was diligently working on making conditional formatting features accessible and usable by the regular Share Point user.

We have done an enormous work and I am very proud to showcase some of the features of our new product Share Point List Booster.

While the List View control provides editing support, it requires a bit more work from the page developer to get it going.

The reason is because the List View is defined by templates whereas the Grid View and Details View are defined by fields.

In Share Point 2013 and Office 365 this functionality is gone.

You can still use different Java Script hacks (i.e.

use some calculated columns Java Script to apply conditional formatting to the row).

There are lots of blog posts about that, but the main problems with all of those are amount of time you have to invest to produce the result and the fact that it is practically out of bounds of the regular Share Point user.

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Recently I had a problem setting the title field of a Page within the pages library.

My requirement was to set the title with the value from the Page Title field of the current item.

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It is not consistent but happens much more frequently on “Calendar list”. This is a very typical error occurs in Share Point 2007 for asynchronous event handler. If you still have save conflict issues like we did, in Share Point 2010, we have the option to make these kind of events Synchronous by adding this in the file of the event receiver while we are registering it.

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