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that the distribution was made in good faith, considering the circumstances and the content, form, scope, and objective of the images; 2.

that the distribution was made for a lawful purpose; or 3.

Indeed it takes only a few sentences for Jeff, without a word from the girl, to expose his particular brand of innocent-insane obsession and give the unprovoked impression he collects women's ears!

To his immense relieve, the girl's friend who then arrives explains ...

The idea was to draw attention to the steady decline of the famously salty lake, which exposes more and more of its own flanks each year.

The Dead Sea is growing ever-deader, as less and less water reaches it from the Jordan River at one end, and more and more water is taken out of it by chemical farms at the other.

Organizers of the mass shoot timed it as voting winds up in the Seven Natural Wonders of Nature contest.

The hope is a winning designation in that private contest will create pressure for Israel and its neighbors to join hands and make the bid for a UN World Heritage Site, which would set in motion the changes necessary to salvage the truly striking, entirely unique landscape. “One of the things that came out of discussions that we had with people: When you think of Israel around the world, they only see pictures of tanks and pictures of terrorism,” says Ari Gottesman, one of the organizers. “It isn’t,” Gottesman notes, “what you’re used to seeing in the Middle East.” And yet the project involved a nearly military precision – gathering more than 1,000 people by bus from around Israel in the dead of night, in order to arrive in time for the pre-dawn shoot– as well as secrecy: The precise location, Mineral Beach, was kept closely guarded, in part to discourage gawkers and in part because Israelis are not all of one mind on these things.

(PSH Law 5758-1998, SEFER HAHUKIM [Official Gazette], No. 10), 5774-2014, the Knesset website, [scroll down to appropriate link; hereinafter the Amendment].) According to the Amendment, the distribution of still pictures or video recordings of a person’s image that focuses on his/her sexuality, including by editing or incorporation, is unlawful if made: 1. in a way that facilitates identification of the person; and 3.

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The boys are in a bar, as always talking about girls and sex, this time focusing on their obsession with female breasts and the fantasy the left and right ones would somehow be two separate entities, doubling their fascination, or be doubled: enough to contemplate a Sci Fi plot.

When desperate single Jeff spots a nice-looking girl, Steve and Patrick encourage him to make a move after she shows sole interest, but first have to learn and wave his theory of the nude zone: a male (at least in his case) cannot remain in female presence for more then a few minutes before his mind has constructed a fully nude image of the girl, which renders him too horny-mad to retain command of any decent faculty, hence disables any flirting.

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The crimes are punishable with five years of imprisonment, in addition to subjecting the perpetrator to civil liability and the duty to pay monetary compensation to the victim.