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Ios updating mkuserlocation

If you are using Core Location to get location updates, you would update the annotation's coordinates in the Hi Anna, thank you for this useful answer, for my case i invoke the google-maps API to trace the itinerary between two points and this API is charged of all stuff, havn't i any intervention to refresh the blue dot when the user move [email protected], if your app is switching to the Maps app, then you have no control over it as far as I know.If you are using a Google map on an html page that uses the Java Script API, you might be able make JS calls to do that but I've never tried [email protected] : ok to implement set Coordinate into the class that implements the MKAnnotation, but how do you replace the MKUser Location annotation that is inserted on the map by the map View by this one ?And later, when - (void)map View:(MKMap View *)a Map View did Update User Location:(MKUser Location *)user Location is called, it's a MKUser Location that is given, so it's coordinates should already be updated, don't they ?horizontal Accuracy), you can simply turn off location updates on your map view like this: I would suggest to combine these good answers into one solution -- to stop forcing the map back to your location after a desired horizontal accuracy is achieved.

If the user did authorize, the map view will send location updates to the delegate (which we set to be self).

the problem with this method is that you have to change the User Location view.

I also experienced this same issue (needing an orientation indicator without having the map spin around, similar to the Apple Maps app).

Unfortunately Apple has not yet made the 'blue icon for heading' API available.

I created the following solution derived from @alku83's implementation.

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