Intp dating another intp soulmate dating online

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Intp dating another intp

At times, INTPs seem a bit closed and distanced in conversation.

But it is during this time that they revise their categorizations and/or engage in the creation of new ones.

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This article is intended to be a deep-dive, side-by-side comparison of their similarities and differences.

They feel the best when their categorizations turn out not only to be logically correct, but are also confirmed in real life.Nailing down exactly what they want to do can be a frustrating affair for INTPs, requiring a great deal of time and experimentation.It can take years, even decades, for their niche to emerge with full clarity.I have a working theory that every type in the Myers-Briggs system is integral to social ecology.It doesn’t matter if a specific type drives you crazy, they are necessary to keep us balanced as humans.

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I believe they’re both intended to question common sense to prevent mental stagnation.