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Intersex hookups

Some parts we expect most boys to have, some body parts we expect girls to have, and sometimes traits that most girls or boys don’t have, all in the same body.” While the other letters of LGBTQIA are either genders or sexualities, being intersex is technically neither, and has no bearing on how people identify.Some intersex people identify as male, female, a/bigender, genderqueer, or anything, really, and can be of any sexuality.Recently, model Hanne Gaby Odiele came out as being intersex.We’re so used to hearing about coming out in terms of sexuality or gender, so “intersex” is a word most of us don’t know or understand. Well it’s about a person’s biology, not gender or sexuality.I’m sure most of you know someone with red hair, but do you know any intersex people?Whether it’s because they’re afraid of what people will think, they’ve chosen not to be out, they don’t know yet, or it’s been kept a secret from them, what you need to know about intersex people more than anything is that they deserve all of the love and support the rest of us do.An intersex person can be born with genitals that seem in-between (like a noticeably large clitoris, missing vaginal opening, a very small penis, or a scrotum that’s divided like labia), or appear to be female on the outside with mostly male anatomy and vice-versa, according to the ISNA website.There’s also a category of intersex people who are born with “mosaic” genetics, meaning some of their cells have XY chromosomes and others are XX chromosomes.

But being intersex is way more of a spectrum than a clear-cut classification, and people like Odiele are trying to change that misconception.

They appeared to be female at birth as a result of the male foetus not being susceptible to the hormone that would have caused masculinisation. Phoebe describes the confusion and distress she experienced as a result of learning that she had male biology, that she had no uterus and would not menstruate or develop as her girlfriends did, and that she wouldn’t be able to bear children.

The film seeks to raise public awareness of intersexuality so that those who are intersex don’t have to hide their condition.

"There's a lot of variation across genitalia, regardless of intersex status," says Georgiann Davis, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the current President of inter ACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth.

"For example, penises aren’t all the same size, and vaginas don’t all look the same.

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