Gerard butler is dating model sarah carroll what not to do when internet dating

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Gerard butler is dating model sarah carroll

He’s dressed like an SAS man on furlough – black polo shirt, dark grey combats, serious boots – and his face has a bruised, lived-in quality.

There are laughter lines around his eyes and, with his beard and curly ringlets, he’s just starting to grey at the temples.

She wore a pair of nude suede heels and accessorized with bracelets and a shark tooth pendant necklace.

Gerard, meanwhile, cut a rugged figure in his black T-shirt, green jacket, jeans, and leather shoes.

The brunette was dressed in an off-the-shoulder flowing white number, teamed with a wide-brimmed hat, while Gerard was keeping cool in a baseball cap and shades, teamed with American flag print shorts.

They've been spending time with each other ever since their reported split last year.

A “security operative” is stationed outside the room, and paparazzi stalk the street outside, but Gerard Butler seems impervious to the folderol attendant on a visitation of Hollywood royalty. ” he asks in his broad Glaswegian brogue, attempting to fold his 6ft 2in frame into a small “designer” chair that seems patently unfit for purpose.

Is it Daniel Craig, James Bond and serious actor in one protean package? Or could it be those reliable old-stagers, Dames Helen Mirren or Judi Dench? Britain’s most bankable Hollywood property, a man who can command - million per film, is hunched in a corner of a Soho hotel, flailing at the keypad of his Black Berry.

From models to costars, rumored flings to long term relationships, it's time check out Butler's dating resume.Morgan couldn't stop smiling as she walked close by her handsome beau, age 47.The actor's leading lady sizzled in a flirty red mini dress that cinched into her waistline and showed off her envy-inducing long legs.To many baffled onlookers in his homeland, Butler appears to have risen without trace; even some of the more charitable put his United States success down to the same kind of quaint national blind spot that sees the French continue to lionise Jerry Lewis, or the Albanians elevate the late Norman Wisdom to demigod status. ” has become a You Tube staple), Butler has proved equally adept at playing chest-beater and soul-searcher.But, since his breakthrough seven years ago, beating off the likes of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage for the lead in the Phantom of the Opera movie, followed by his blood-curdling, six-pack-flaunting turn as King Leonidas in 300, two years later (his Gorbals-style delivery of the line “This! He mixes action epics (he’s played Attila the Hun and Beowulf) and romantic comedies (co-starring with Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Swank) with consummate ease.

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But when it comes to his personal life, Gerard Butler is all about the love, with the Scottish actor looking absolutely besotted with his girlfriend Morgan Brown during a beach day near his Malibu home on Saturday.