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Body language is fascinating and intriguing and you underestimate its power and influence at your peril. Do you believe that crossing your arms means you’re defensive?

Or that someone stroking their hair must be flirting with you? The reality is that body language is not a precise science.

We read it all the time and have done since we were 15 minutes old.

And although these sexual strategies differ from one individual to the next, the essential choreography of human courtship, love, and marriage has myriad designs that seem etched into the human psyche, the product of time, selection, and evolution.You’re thinking very carefully about what you want to say – you want to be interesting and find subtle ways to engage him in deep conversation.That’s all good, but how you move and carry yourself in his presence sends a very strong message without you having to say anything at all. When we fully embrace our femininity, this is very attractive to a man and encourages him to take the masculine role to lead the relationship forward.They begin the moment men and women get within courting range—with the way we flirt. And I have given evolutionary and biological explanations for their differences where I find them appropriate.In describing these strategies, I make no effort to be "politically correct." Nature designed men and women to work together. Women from places as different as the jungles of Amazonia, the salons of Paris, and the highlands of New Guinea apparently flirt with the same sequence of expressions.

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When you’re finally ready to take your communications with a man offline and into the real world, you’re no longer just words on the screen to each other, and it’s natural to feel nervous. He’s getting a whole picture of you, so you want to make sure you make the best impression.