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The Webcam has a multi-position stand that can sit or stand on a desk, or perch on a monitor.

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For those interested in seeing even more depth in their video chats, you can snag one from Amazon on January 8th for .95. CES Las Vegas, January 5th – The eagerly awaited Minoru 3D webcam gets its first public showing, and simultaneous worldwide launch this week.

The British designed 3D webcam has been fascinating people around the world since it was entered into thei-stage competition run by the Consumer Electronics Association.

With certain exceptions, nothing a brand lets you see is by mistake.

Every detail of a company’s image has been meticulously crafted and fussed over.

To be quite honest, the USB 2.0 Minoru 3D Webcam is ripe for a Billy Mays plug, but considering that he's charging like seven figures per promotion these days, Minoru is settling for the spotlight in Vegas.

And we're not talking about 3D HDTVs exclusively -- we're talking about 3D figurines that double as webcams.Have a look through a few more examples in the slides above.Inspired by the robust body of the bee, this stylish Bluetooth webcam concept is characterized by colorful accents on the front and sides that can be customized to taste.To her professor and a table of board members, Los Angeles-based grad student Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Papalia) proposes her social media studies thesis: for the next few months, she will interact with as many strangers as possible, from all over the globe, in order to study an aspect of tranparent human behavior. Meanwhile, Elizabeth can't really make time for her marketing boyfriend Damien (David Schlachtenhaufen), who lives as close as Santa Monica, or her pregnant sister Lyn (Anna Margaret Hollyman), but her computer-savvy friend Max (Adam Shapiro) and gal pal Jenni (Katija Pevec) come over as they please.Once receiving the go-ahead and earning a grant for her research, Elizabeth spends all day in front of her computer and logged into The Den, a Chatroulette-esque chatroom that allows her to switch from user to user. One night, Elizabeth's computer is hacked and she wakes up to the muffled screaming of "pyagrl*16," a broken-camera user whose icon is a photo of a smiling Mexican girl.

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It's really no wonder, then, that some decide to forgo the technology because of the hassle and associated risks.

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