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Female muscle intimidating

It takes a lot of work and time to build up that kind of muscle, but what's the purpose?Oh wait, I knew one guy who could make his pecs twitch independently of each other. Your muscles could very well intimidate women, but more likely there's a subconscious realization that your priorities are likely very different from theirs.Such a woman makes them wary.” Not everyone understands this phrase in the same way.Feminists have generally interpreted this to mean that a successful woman is intimidating to men.Chances are, your muscles have nothing to do with being intimidating, but perhaps your body language or behavior are at fault here.I would define obsessed as having the workout/diet be so strict that you have to consider it every time you interact with someone.

Her curvy biceps have become something of a lightning rod for remarks from both sexes in a larger discussion of how much female muscle constitutes too much. Whats it mean when a girl always brings her little dog on a date? If you can't get laid should you be able to get disability?Women love guys who are fit, with well-defined musculature, but you sound like you've taken it past that into possible overkill.However, if working out thrills you so much that you don't want to tone it down, why don't you focus on dating women at your gym? Nobody digs the meathead look, except for the meatheads.

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First Lady Michelle Obama stands tall and regal in her official portrait, a double strand of creamy pearls around her neck, her figure clad in a fitted Michael Kors dress.

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