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Featherweight sewing machine dating

If you have ever sewn on one you will understand why!

As the demand for these machines has grown, so too has the information about the history of the machines that the Singer Sewing Machine Co.

The Singer plant manager also claims that the 301 was designed at Elizabeth, and Elizabeth produced ALL the parts for model 301 throughout its production.

I have no validation for this, but it is interesting food for thought.

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Typically for more than you would realize in most other situations.

In the early 1850s, Isaac Merritt Singer inventing the first really practical sewing machine of the times.Instead of a circular shuttle movement and a horizontally angled needle, the Singer machine used a straight needle that worked vertically.This made it comparatively easy to use and inexpensive to produce, and "Singer" rapidly became a household name in sewing.Glenn now has his Parts and Price List on this site, click here."Represents the Ultimate in Sewing Machine Design and Styling" "The Slant-Needle Sewing Machine Is All About Precision" "The World's Finest Straight Stitch Sewing Machine" "The Most Modern, Streamlined Machine Ever" "The Best Sewing Machine Ever Made" "The Last Word In Sewing Ease" "The Famous Singer 301" "Read About Me" "Legendary" "301" Slant-Needle After World War II, 1939-1945, most sewing machine manufacturers were marketing the same machines they sold prior to the war.

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Why the A began to appear mid-production is still under investigation, but for now my theory is that Singer simply decided to start badging the Anderson plant machines the same way they did for their foreign plants, to distinguish them from the main plant in Elizabeth, NJ.