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If Styple is right, it could add a chapter to the historical record of the Revolutionary War that has been hinted at but never fully explored.

Compared with Valley Forge, considerably less is known about the 1777 encampment, which closely followed Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River and the battles of Princeton and Trenton.

Fortuitously, and unbeknownst to Styple at the time, Chatham officials had purchased the land late in 2014 and earmarked it for open space.

Styple had come across an 1855 newspaper article that reprinted a speech by the Rev.

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In this May 5, 2016, photo, archaeologist Kevin Bradley examines a spoon unearthed while looking for artifacts in Chatham, N. A group is digging for artifacts that may be the best evidence yet that this unspoiled swath of land about 15 miles west of Newark Liberty International Airport hosted Gen. -- On a gently sloping hillside studded with pine trees, clues to a Revolutionary War mystery are slowly being revealed, spurred by the dogged efforts of a local historian and his teenage son.