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Trade is key to stimulating growth and creating jobs, and I'm happy to say that this agreement contains specific chapters dedicated to sustainable development (a distinct characteristic of our modern trade deals).

Once the European Parliament has given its approval, hopefully before Christmas, the agreement can be applied provisionally.

An exciting development of today is that Ecuador now has joined the Trade Agreement between the EU and Colombia/Peru.

This is truly great news, as it will open up markets for trade on both sides.

In light of the US Presidential election, discussions were held on TTIP and the future of American trade policy.

When Pete Rojwongsuriya set out on his trip to Ecuador, he thought he'd spend a maximum of two weeks, but what he found far surpassed what his time would allow. What surprised him the most was the diversity of animal species located in Ecuador.

In 1830, Ecuador took its name from the Spanish word for the equator, which crosses the entire northern sector.

Also, the surf town’s casual vibe and relaxed policies on marijuana attract lots of other South Americans from Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, as well as foreigners from around the world.

Montanita is especially well-known for being a crazy (and crowded) place to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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