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Text Size : This is the size of the pure text on your site, after HTML has been removed.Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set).You not agreeing with someone, doesn’t make them right or wrong – just different 🙂 And the confusion happens to everyone!Just take your time to figure out what you’re feeling and know that you’re allowed to feel anything at all. 🙂 Ladies, meet interesting peeps on Truly Madly and Un Single! Whether it’s about your love life, your career, or how to make the perfect brisket, they’ll give you the best, most honest advice. Well, now you can get straightforward advice about online dating from a real bubbie, thanks to the comedic duo Soren & Jolles.

So I’ve taken the liberty to collate a list of some super special dating lessons we can learn from films.I was so wrapped up in Micah and seeing him grow and change, I didn’t have the time to really even think about it.To be completely honest, I really don’t have time for a relationship right now either…especially with all the things I plan to do in 2013.Where do I begin…dating when you’re a single mother is and always will be a challenge.At no given point will it become easier to date, especially when you have a young child.

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