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Dwt not updating pages

By the end of this chapter, you will have created nearly all the pages of your website.

You will also learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5's template system to create new pages based on the custom design and layout that you've been working on in the previous chapters as well as to automate the updating of all the pages of your site when you make a design change.

Not sure if you’re still monitoring this for questions, but just in case…

My site uses a template which holds a banner image at the top and a Table Of Contents down the left side of every page.

Its template facility is not complete and not worth attempting to use.I updated the template file “mmuuf generic template.dwt” (and uploaded that file to the server — even though after reading your article I now realize I didn’t need to).Then I opened my file, deleted a letter in the body and retyped the letter so it would allow me to save the file and then I uploaded that file.If your site is well planned you can include most of the navigation in the master page file, but sites often have a way of growing beyond the initial plan.Updates and additions to repetitive content can often be handled in one or a few clicks using an good multitabbed text editor with a global find and replace function.

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Creating multiple pages for a website is a relatively simple task; things only get troublesome when you want to make a design change that affects all the pages of your website.