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Twenty-six years later, Namibia - setting for The Grand Tour's two-part festive special - is still my favourite place on earth.

What other destination offers such raw beauty, such a variety of landscapes, and the luxury of experiencing much of it alone.

Protein analysis performed in Dresden showed the organic material was a cheese made by robust, easily scalable kefir fermentation.

Researcher Andrej Shevchenko told the team collected evidence to suggest skimmed ruminant milk was combined with bacteria and yeast used to make a kefir cheese.

, in which is an article I wrote on the puzzling subject of Bon in early Tibet.

knew this was the world’s oldest desert – dating back 55 million years – but I hadn’t expected such a visceral experience: the history of mankind but a few grains in this vast ocean of sand.The book’s three authors, none of whom are Phoenix natives, were on hand at the three-hour event to sell and sign copies for approximately 100 people who attended.Some came dressed in their best 1940s garb, embracing the book’s historical subject matter.Researchers believe the cheese may have been buried with the mummies so they could enjoy it in the afterlife.The Xiaohe tomb complex was first discovered by Swedish archaeologist Folke Bergman in 1934.

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Scientists believe they may have found the world’s oldest cheese discovered among mummified bodies in China's Taklamakan Desert, dating back as far as 1615 BC.

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