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Some men enjoy the short-term fun while others fall in love and become besotted with their newfound Thai women.

Some, however, end up being ripped off and scammed by devious Thai girls.

Many men come to Phuket and go in search of bar girls around Patong and other areas, but there is also a Phuket dating scene that is a little more user-friendly.

There are are plenty of Asian dating sites that can help, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

The Lao Loum have throughout the country’s history comprised the ethnic and linguistic majority.

In Southeast Asia, traditional Lao culture is considered one of the Indic cultures (along with Burma, Thailand and Cambodia).

A fact that many visitors do not know, that it is illegal for a Lao citizen to have sex with a non Laotian.

In fact it carries a fine and possible deportation.

Now having said that I do not know of anybody that this has happened to but still something to bear in mind.

Laos girls are super easy to meet if you know where to look.

The captial, Vientiane is definitely the liveliest part of Lao but even the nightlife here is far more low-key than elsewhere.

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