Dating shell gorget

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Dating shell gorget

Shell gorgets are a Native American art form of polished, carved shell pendants worn around the neck.

The gorgets are frequently engraved, and are sometimes highlighted with pigments, or fenestrated (pierced with openings).

There are several types of discarded shells they used for different items.

These persons were perhaps religious figures or leaders, and often women or children. Shell long endures in archaeological settings, particularly in non-acidic soils. For example, according to a recent news report, 100,000 years ago Neanderthals on the Iberian peninsula were wearing painted cockle shells—long before the arrival in that region of modern humans.' In North America, engraved marine shell gorgets are one of the most attractive groups of artifacts that date from the Mississippian Period (A. 900-1600) of American Indian history and are characteristic of the cultures of that time who lived in the southeastern United States.In much of the Woodlands, the Morning Star was equated with masculinity—the ultimate warrior, hunter, protector, and defender, as well as conqueror and destroyer.This gorget depicts a young warrior dancing in imitation of the Morning Star.

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